Quinteassence Kava Bar serving Lakeland, Florida

Find your peace at Lakeland's PREMIUM Kava Bar

Quinteassence is here in Lakeland, Florida to help you find your own idea of peace through our wide selection of beverages. Before the arrival of our brick-and-mortar, Quinteassence has operated as an online store and pop-up tea bar booth at festivals, markets, and curated events in the United States. We are blessed to partner with long-time friends and festival neighbors, Off The Griddle Gourmet Food Truck, to join them at the ComeUnity Marketplace to serve kava, kratom, tea, and herbal botanicals.

Visit the Quinteassence Kava Bar today and try delicious beverages by our educated and enthusiastic team. Let us create beautiful drinks in front of you such as our Blue Lotus Lemonade and the “Tesky Punch” which consists of our Pineapple Express Tea combined with various flavored syrups, frothed oat milk, all on top of boba that we cook behind the bar. Pick up one of our handcrafted Kratom Sodas to-go in our eco-friendly cups. And of course, we honor the kava ceremonial tradition by offering friendly company while we cheer bula when we drink for relaxation. 


Cristhyan Casiano
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There is a lot to be said about a place that just captures your heart and gives you a charm that makes you want to return. My wife and I stumbled into here... we wanted tea and had no idea what Kava was. The experience from the get go was welcoming and inclusive. The ambience relaxed and the people were passionate and knowledgeable. This is a little gem that let's you relax in a city that is always on the go and tense.
Samantha Mixan
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The boba drinks are delicious and homemade, not full of the sugary powders like other places. The matcha boba is my favorite menu item. I love the atmosphere and ambiance of Quinteassence.
Kaitlyn Marcum
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My husband and I absolutely love this place! We frequent this place several times a week and just can’t get enough. The owners are incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and clearly supportive of the community. We did not know much about kava or kratom and they were more than happy to explain. If those aren’t your thing, they also offer teas, coffee and more! We cannot recommend this place enough. I can’t wait to see how their business grows!
Jake Myers
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Honestly a really cool, aesthetic, vibey place. I’ve learned a lot about all types of teas. The kava, kratom, boba, matcha, is all astounding and the people who work there are super nice and very helpful if you know nothing about the teas. Would highly recommend if your just looking to chill out and hang.

Late Hours

We are the perfect alternative for sober socialites and night-owls in Central Florida. Skip out on the alcohol bars or late-night diners and pull up to our relaxing lounge for the night.

  • Sunday – Thursday: 11AM to 12AM
  • Friday – Saturday: 11AM to 2AM

Events & Activities

There is never a dull moment at our kava bar. Since our opening, we have hosted regular events such as a monthly Fire & Flow Jam and weekly Movie Nights. At the center of our lounge, we have the perfect ten-foot table that is prime for Dungeons & Dragons as well as tabletop and board games. For our gamers, we have a monitor available and a Nintendo Switch ready-to-go for Smash or Mario Kart! We are also enthusiastic about live music where we have hosted anywhere between electronic dance to punk rock. Be sure to check-in on our Facebook or Instagram to keep-up with what new is happening at our location in Midtown Lakeland!

Local Community

We pride ourselves in our effort to work with the local Lakeland Communities. In our storefront, we serve delicious organic kombucha by Krazy Kombucha and ethically sourced coffee roasted by Ethos Roasters. Additionally, we showcase beautiful art pieces from local artists such as ThrushCreates, FireAndEyesStudio, Sara Savannah Jones, and CosmicBerry. All plants and flora for sale and displayed in our lounge are provided by Botany Cats, mobile plant and cat lounge.

Our brick-and-mortar location shares the same inventory as our online shop. If you are in the Central Florida area between Tampa and Orlando, be sure to visit our shop and purchase Kava, Kratom, herbal and ethnobotanical teas and blends, and supplies.


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