Our Team

Jonathan Thoresen – Owner/Founder

He serves tea with love and passion. Instilling peace and calm in a connected community of tea enthusiasts. Watching Quinteassence blossom fuels his passion, finding fulfillment in its growth and in completing daily orders with care.  He is Expanding and growing the business through traveling around the country vending, serving uniquely crafted beverages with passion to thirsty patrons. Directly interacting with tea drinkers around the country, has been one of the most enjoyable experiences, while simultaneously expanding Quinteassence in the process.

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Our Team

Earnest Odom – Brand Director & Media

A business-centered creative with a love for culture. For Quinteassence, His priorities are visual branding and how the average person would find interest in the world of ethnobotanical teas. Using his prior experience in sales, marketing, and business management, he performs background artistic tasks such as designing labels to vital tasks such as serving and building new relationships with customers.


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