Organic Dried Blue Lotus Flowers

Organic Dried Blue Lotus Flowers


Organic Dried Blue Lotus petals

Nymphaea caerulea

Origin:  Thailand.

This plant is also known as blue water lily.

TRADITIONAL PREPARATION: Fresh Nymphaea Caerulea was made into a tea or soaked in wine, then drunk, followed by a cigarette made of the dried plant material. The buds and flowers are the psychoactive parts of the plant. Details are speculative and difficult to come by, but a noted, ancient method to extract the psychoactive properties from the blue lotus is to boil six buds or flowers that have already opened and closed again in water. The flowers were squeezed in a linen cloth so that their greenish-brown juice runs into the water.

The psychoactive extract is said to create a feeling of well-being, euphoria, and ecstasy. Traditional details are speculative and difficult to come by, as this is a plant that needs more historical research done in regard to it.

We recommend using the blue lotus in tea. However, it can also be smoked or soaked in wine, or other strong alcohol.

  • mildly sedative
  • relaxing and calming
  • nervine
  • mild analgesic
  • mild mood lift/euphoria
  • enhancement of dream states
  • pleasant synergy with most entheogens

ACTIVE CONSTITUENTS: Contains apomorphine, a dopamine agonist, as well as nuciferine.

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Information from Entheology.

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