Ephedra Viridis


Ephedra Viridis

An evergreen shrub from central Asia and Mongolia. It is known as Ma Huang in Chinese Medicine. A strong stimulant, great for focus and productivity. It is excellent for opening up your nasal cavity. Allowing for easy breathing. To help alleviate a common cold. As well as for allergies.
It is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Adrenaline lovers get a thrill from the rush of energy that this botanical provides. The energy provided by ephedra is different from caffeine. It is focus and alertness in the mind, in contrast to blocking adenosine receptors as caffeine does.

Taste: smooth/hint of lemon

Brewing: We recommend boiling the Ephedra for 7 minutes.  After it has boiled, strain out the plant matter, and let the liquid cool to a desired temperature. For an average serving use 5-7 grams of ephedra per cup of water.

This product is an herbal tea. It is not a dietary supplement.

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Ephedra is amazing for energy, and has no crash. I highly recommend it


Amazing plant medicine. I am able to breath through both sides of my nose for the first time in 35 years. Quinteassence has top quality products at the best price with fast shipping.

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