Incarvillea Sinesis Extract 20:1

Incarvillea Sinesis Extract 20:1


Incarvillea Sinesis extract 20:1

is traditionally Chinese herb used to treat rheumatism, inflammation, pain relief, and cramping. We find that it is also great for treating insomnia, restlessness and anxiety.

It acts on the opioid receptors similarly to kratom. It can be an excellent replacement for kratom for people who live in places where they cannot get kratom, or for people that always feel stimulated by kratom. As incarvillea is always relaxing, for some people all kratom is energizing.

The active alkolid is Incarvillateine, a complex monoterpene alkaloid that is a derivative of α-truxillic acid.

This species is native to Asia and grows to 2 feet tall at maturity. It flowers with rose-like pink flowers. The genus of this plant, Incarvillea is named after the French Jesuit missionary and botanist Pierre Nicholas Le Chéron d’Incarville.