Kava bundle


Kava Bundle

New to Kava?
Or would rather get more than one type?
We’ve designed this bundle to give you a nice exploration of the different types of kava that we supply.
This kava bundle contains three different types of kava. Each one is slightly different.

Vanuatu: Balanced.
This kava is great for daily use and excellent for early evening to help wind down after a busy day. It has the darkest taste and color in this bundle.

Solomon: Body.
This kava is our most sedative. It has a strong effect on the body and helps ease the body into a rested state for deep sleep. This kava has a gold color and a peppery taste.

Fiji: Mind
This Kava is mentally relaxing and eases the mind. It is great for reducing anxiety. This kava is the least sedative so it is excellent for daytime. The Fiji kava has the smoothest taste of all the kavas in this bundle.

1/4LB Vanuatu kava
1/4LB Solomon Kava
1/4 LB Fiji Kava
1 microfiber kava strainer

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