Red Dragon


Red Dragon

This kratom is a type of Red Maeng Da from Jongkong that has been fermented to a dark red color.  It helps one feel more serene, tranquil and calm. Red dragon has grown increasingly popular over the past few years. Many consumers like it in contrast to red maeng da, as it is less stimulating and more sedative.

Due to legal restrictions we do not ship kratom to Arkansas, Alabama, Indiana, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, DC, or Vermont.

  • Sedative
  • Very Relaxing
  • Pain Relief
  • Long lasting Effect
  • Euphoric
  • Sleep aid
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

2 reviews for Red Dragon


Red dragon is an amazing blend of a few different red vein strains, it’s really good for pain relief and relaxation


This is a solid strain for the evening time, not too sedating, really good pain relief, after a long day of work. When I get home sometimes my back hurts, and I take this strain, and I don’t even feel any back pain anymore.

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