Red Maeng Da


Red Maeng da

It is well known for its strong effects. Especially for its ability to be sedative and numbing, while not being a sleepy strain. Maeng Da has just enough stimulation to keep you balanced. This is an excellent strain for evening time.

Many consider Red Maeng Da to be one of the strongest strains on the market.
Maeng Da Kratom comes from Thailand where this leaf was named after the giant water bug known as Lethocerus Indicus which is a delicacy in the local diet. The phrase “Maeng Da” is also slang for “pimp grade” in the Thai dialect.

Red Maeng Da is less euphoric than other strains, but it is very energizing. Critics say it’s more jittery than other Premium Thai strains, and argue it doesn’t last as long. To balance out the effects, to give it more numbing and longer duration, we recommend blending it with a green or red strain.


  • Potent sedative effect (4-8 grams)
  • Strong numbing effect
  • Well known for being a strong balanced strain
  • Euphoric
  • Alleviates anxiety

4 reviews for Red Maeng Da


I’ve been ordering Red Meng Da Kratom and other strains of Kratom, from Quinteassence for a little over 3 years now. What can I say? Over these past few years, my experience has been this – Consistent quality and availability, fast shipping, wonderful and last but not least superb customer service!

Now let’s talk about the product itself, I suffer from the occasional spurt of social anxiety – as well as arthritis type pain in my wrists from past injuries. As, a result of the aforementioned issues, I tend to favor buying almost exclusively Red Vein Kratom for it’s more sedative and pain relieving properties. Quinteassence’s Red Meng Da, has been some of the most potent/helpful in assisting with managing my pain and or anxiety.

I can’t recommend this enough!


I’m not usually into red strains, but this is an amazing one! Red maeng da is like the counter part of green, except in a relaxing, euphoric, calming way. Deff try if you havent


Amazing for late evenings, after long days at work this strain puts me right in the sweet spot. My job is pretty physically demanding and this strain helps me forget that. Body aches gone and ready to relax. An amazing product.


Red maeng da is a go to of mine recently, works really well for pain relief, and it’s a good strain for day time or night time! I’ve used it in the morning before, and it worked very well for pain relief, and I’ve also taken it am y times at night to relax. Get this strain if you haven’t tried it.

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