Red Malay


Red Malay

It is a variety that is native to Malaysia.
This Kratom is known for its relaxing benefits. It is well known because it is one of the most euphoric red vein kratoms. It is very sedative. It is not a good choice if you want a stimulating kratom. Along with the sedating effects, Red Malay is excellent for pain relief.

Red Malay has risen in popularity. It has become known for its very long-lasting effects.  While Horn kratom is known for its quick release and burst of effect, Malay is on the other end of the spectrum with its slow release and long-lasting effect.


  • Potent sedative effect (4-8 grams)
  • Strong numbing effect
  • Well known for it’s long-lasting effects
  • Natural sleep aid
  • The most euphoric red vein that we stock
  • Alleviates anxiety

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