Vula Waka Kava from Fiji – Root Powder

Vula Waka Kava from Fiji – Root Powder


Vula Waka

is a strong Noble Kava from Fiji. It is from the island of Kadavu. This kava smells, tastes, and feels like fresh kava served at nakamals in Fiji. Smooth sedation excellent for the late afternoon or evening. A great way to wind down from a busy day.

Flavor: Peppery/Lightly Earthy

Effects 25% Mind/ 75% Body

  • Strong sedation
  • Strong muscle relaxation
  • Strong mental relaxation
  • Sleep aid
  • Numbing
  • Smooth Taste

Chemotype and Composition: Chemotype 462351

 Vula Waka is strong with a 10% kavalactone (KL) content and a chemotype of 462351. We use only Waka (100% lateral roots) for this kava powder.

Supplied through a wholesaler who is Certified Noble Kava from the Dept. of Agriculture in Fiji and

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