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Serving kava, kratom, tea, and botanicals to instill peace in our connected community.


Since 2014, Quinteassence has served as the preferred source for kava, kratom, and several herbal botanical tea blends in Central Florida. We proudly celebrate our methods of instilling peace in our community by operating as a pop-up tea bar at music & camping festivals and local markets, an online store that delivers to your home, and a brick-and-mortar bar & lounge in Lakeland, Florida. Only the highest quality ingredients, herbs, and powders are used when serving and delivering to our patrons and we will guarantee that you will find the peace you are searching for. Shop with us for Vanuatu Borongoru Kava Root Powder, Super Green Maeng Da Kratom, Ceremonial Cacao Paste, or Jungle Tiger Tea.
Single Shell of Kava

Preparing Kava 101

Learn how to prepare kava the traditional way in the comfort of your own home.

Green Kratom Powder

Brewing Kratom Tea

Making Kratom Tea for the first time? We’ll show you how to brew strong and smooth Kratom!

Hot Ceremonial Cacao

Celebrating Cacao

Get a brief history of Cacao and how its effects strengthen your heart.

Your Source for Tea Brewing Tips

If you have never brewed or prepared any of the items that we sell on our online store such as kava or kratom, we have you covered. Not only will we teach you the best ways to prepare Pouni Ono Tongan Kava or how to brew a Red Thai Kratom, but we will also mock-tail & mixed-drink recipes or interesting combinations to entertain your family and friends with our exotic products. We believe in the safe and healthy preparations of the elements we sell and serve and want to extend that knowledge to our enthusiast friends or newcomers to the Kava Community. Check back in regularly to see our new updates by clicking the link below to see what new tea-brewing lesson or kratom concoction we have brewing.

Visit our Lakeland Location

We are excited to welcome you to our brick-and-mortar Kava Bar & Tea Lounge located in Lakeland, Florida! Not only can you shop the same inventory we sell on our online store, but we serve unique kava drinks and kratom beverages that you can only purchase at our Central Florida Bar. Enjoy a “Boho Blast” Pineapple Mango Lemon-Lime Red Kratom Soda or an Arnold Palmer-inspired Sweet-Tea Kava while you read one of our selected books or play a table-top game with your friends. We are a family- and dog-friendly location with a variety of drink promotions such as Buy-One-Get-One Kratom and events from Fire & Flow Jam Nights to Movie Nights. With the sense of a connected community in mind, we are neighbors with the Off The Griddle International Gourmet Food Truck and AquaOrganics Produce Grocery while also featuring art from Sara Savannah Jones and ThrushCreates within our store. Additionally, we serve drinks from other local businesses such as Krazy Kombucha and Ethos Roasters. Skip your boring visit to the local alcohol bar and find your real peace at our late-night tea lounge!
Cristhyan Casiano
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There is a lot to be said about a place that just captures your heart and gives you a charm that makes you want to return. My wife and I stumbled into here... we wanted tea and had no idea what Kava was. The experience from the get go was welcoming and inclusive. The ambience relaxed and the people were passionate and knowledgeable. This is a little gem that let's you relax in a city that is always on the go and tense.
Samantha Mixan
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The boba drinks are delicious and homemade, not full of the sugary powders like other places. The matcha boba is my favorite menu item. I love the atmosphere and ambiance of Quinteassence.
Kaitlyn Marcum
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My husband and I absolutely love this place! We frequent this place several times a week and just can’t get enough. The owners are incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and clearly supportive of the community. We did not know much about kava or kratom and they were more than happy to explain. If those aren’t your thing, they also offer teas, coffee and more! We cannot recommend this place enough. I can’t wait to see how their business grows!
Jake Myers
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Honestly a really cool, aesthetic, vibey place. I’ve learned a lot about all types of teas. The kava, kratom, boba, matcha, is all astounding and the people who work there are super nice and very helpful if you know nothing about the teas. Would highly recommend if your just looking to chill out and hang.



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